Friday, January 23, 2009

Dying a slow painful death...

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate wallpaper?

(OK! ok! Stop shouting. I guess I have mentioned it once or twice....... Geez!)

Well then it should come as a shock to no one that I spent 4 (...or 5... or was it 6?) agonizing days stripping the wallpaper off of the master bathroom walls and (yes) the ceiling. If you'll be so kind as to let me lament for a minute.... I tell you it was the WORST stripping job I have ever done. In both senses of the word. As in, 1.) It was the hardest wallpaper in the entire house to get off and 2.) the walls are in the worst shape in all of the house. It was so freakin stuck on there I did gouge the walls in... umm.... several places. Dave will have quite the patch job. Much like in other places in the house, the walls are not plaster nor are they drywall - they are that weird shiny white board which we found in other wallpapered rooms. Odd. And when they get really wet they start to fall apart - making stripping wallpaper nearly impossible.

Mind you I said"nearly."

Of course I did prevail and the paper is officially OFF the walls and in the garbage can!! I then did a quick wash of all the walls and am awaiting Dave's plaster phase to be over before I can start the priming and painting. (Love you honey!! ;)
Here are some pictures from the process...

The walls came done easy enough... but when it came to the ceiling it was a different story. I have a hunch that it started to peel at one point in time and they decided to squirt some super glue in there to keep it adhered to the ceiling...

Which of course created lots of fun for me, future homeowner, 30 years later. I got to strip off teeny tiny pieces of paper, one at a time. See how fun?


Karen said...

I still can't believe there was wallpaper on the ceiling to begin with.

Kristen said...

Oh yes. It was a sight to see!! Too bad it's all gone. I'll miss it.


Sarah said...

They wallpapered the ceiling.