Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Such a SOD story...

So after the tilling, raking and ..uhh... one water line repair job later... it was finally time for the sod. YAY SOD! I don't know if we were completely ready. Seems like there was always more stuff to rake up. But we felt like we got the bulk of it done and bagged, and quite literally our arms were about to give out after 2 weeks of this, so we broke down and called out yard guy Sam to come bring us some nice new grass.
This is what it looked like when I left in the morning...

And this is what it looked like when I came home from work!
I heart yard maintenance people.
That last day of raking was COMPLETE TORTURE.
Of course by now you guys are probably well aware that Dave and I base our relationship on a mutual love of procrastination (among other things; like chicken cutlets, Seinfeld re-runs, and booze. You know, the important things in life.) It's not like we did NO raking for 2 weeks. We actually raked every night after working 9-10 hours in an office building. But it was more like: rake rake rake, I'm tired, let's stop and go watch TV!!
But that last day we were left with much more than we thought we had to do and it went something like this:
Rake rake rake gee it's getting dark out here, rake rake rake these bugs are eating my face, rake rake rake I can't see anything oh there's the street light coming on that's helpful!
We were literally those crazy neighbors out in the yard until 10 PM. I am not joking. BUT it's all in the past and it looks like a million bucks!


Jason said...

That's an A-double-plus yard!

Kevin said...

Woo Hoo!!! Yard looks great! I love yard maintenance people too. Way to go you guys... one step closer.

Vicki said...

it looks great!