Wednesday, September 19, 2007

We have paint, people!!

Very exciting to see paint actually going on the walls! We did one of the extra bedrooms first, because it needed the least amount of work. The color is called "Lion" by Behr.

I think in the living room will be a light grey/blue color... dining room will be navy.... and kitchen will be green.

Monday, September 17, 2007

I sink I'm in love....

Dave and my dad attacked the kitchen sink.... I love the new look.

Strip.... tease.

So the big project yesterday..... me, my mom, and my sister Kara.... we all stripped wallpaper off the dining room. If you've never done this in your home improvement history, let me try to explain what it's like.

It's like being made to sit in an uncomfortable chair, while the Spice Girls CD is playing in the background. You're starving and all there is to eat are some old soggy grapes and maybe old ketchup where it's separated and the water is floating on top.... and there is someone poking you in the eye with a plastic fork.

Just really uncomfortable and icky to the point where it drives you insane.

BUT we managed to get most of the paper off - the glue remains. But we've decided to paint right over that! Thank you mom and Kara!

Thursday, September 13, 2007


The carpet cleaning lady did a FANTASTIC job! Now it just looks like a slightly used carpet... instead of a really tired carpet. And we had her steam clean and strip the tiles in the bathroom - best idea we ever had.
Yes, that's right. After almost 2 weeks of constant scrubbing on my hands and knees, I gave in and paid someone 50 bucks to finsh the job. You can call me a quitter, if you want.
So here are the before and after pictures, you can see for yourself......

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Too tired to blog.

I am seriously slacking on my blogging.
I have heard from the masses - "What's the latest? What's happenning on Ardsley? We are dying to know!"
Well we are quite literally just too pooped to blog. Everyday after work we are heading over to Ardsley, we do projects until about 10 or 11pm, then drove back to Belmonte and crash. Let me amend that - I crash, Dave is up until 3 am. His insomnia is back, and it's worse than ever. I should just leave him over there to keep working.

So I apologize for not keeping everyone up to date! Here is a quick wrap up of what we did in our first month of ownership:

Got the yard and overgrown bushes under control.
Pressure washed deck.
Got the airducts cleaned and sprayed for mold.
Got the entire house replumbed from top to bottom.
New toilets, new faucets, new sinks - not a single old one remains.
Ripped out old crusty sliding shower doors.
Ripped up old linoleum in bathroom to find beautiful tile. Scrubbed for days to get the glue off.
Ripped down mirrored wall in living room. Sanded and refinished wall.
Started priming walls with Killz (thank you to whoever was the crayon artist!)
Started stripping wall paper in dining room.

And today the carpet cleaners are steam cleaning the carpet, and hopefully reglazing that old tile in the bathroom.

We'll let you know how it goes...Ta ta for now!