Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My poor neglected house.

Well it's summer alright - our schedules are jam packed with things to do, people to see, and the poor house is suffering because of it. We haven't done anything in awhile... other than yard work.

Some good news - we are coming to grips with the loss of our neighbor. It's still sad... but I think we are going to use this as a big wake-up call to start living life and quit being couch potatoes. I have reached out to 2 couples in the neighborhood and extended an invitation to have a BBQ soon... and they both JUMPED at the chance to come over. I guess that means they too have been wanting to get to know us, just like we are wanting to get to know them! (Either that or they want to see what we've done to the inside of the house.)

Last weekend was my sister's High School graduation (yikes!) and we've got my cousin's wedding coming up in August. My Aunt has asked us to be Godparents to her newborn baby, so there is a Christening date pending... and in 3 days we leave for St. Thomas. HALLELUJAH! I can not wait to squeeze my flabby white ass into a bikini and lie on a plastic lawn chair with a frozen drink in my hand. Ahhhhhhhh heaven.

We've decided that once we get back, it's time to get crack-a-lackin on the master bathroom. That wallpaper taunts me everyday... It's like Mount Everest. It's going to be a huge task, and we just keep looking at that mountain and saying, "HHmm maybe we'll start that..... tomorrow."


Kevin said...

Beige and Browns... it's what's in.

Vicki said...

Have a great time in St. Thomas.. sip a fruity drink with an umbrella in it for me! (and for the baby!)