Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Santa's always watching...

What is it about the holidays that makes people start to act... well... in a word... GRUMPY?

Is it because of the terrible traffic on the road that seems to spring out of nowhere? Or is it the shopping for presents for people who are impossible to shop for? Is it the incessant family time that your mother guilt's you into? Or maybe - my personal theory - we all just miss the hot humid weather of the summer because that's why we live in Florida, dammit, we like the heat.

Whatever it is it - everyone has got it. It's like a bad cold that seems to just keep going around. No one can shake it. Everyone I know is acting like a Scrooge.


I, for one, am going to have a great holiday season - even if it kills me.

This past weekend I made Dave drag the fake tree out of storage, put it together, and plug it in to infuse some holiday cheer into the house. Granted it's not decorated yet. (What? I'm a busy girl. Shopping for impossible people to shop for.) But still... it looks pretty when all the lights are lit. And I made D drag out the ladder and throw some lights on the outside of the house. He was profusely against this endeavor, afraid it would draw more attention to the peeling paint and overgrown shrubs in the front. My theory - It's still got peeling paint, even if we DON'T put lights on it so why the hell not? It's fun. Plus the street looks so festive when everyone has a little twinkle on their house ;)

I think tonight's agenda will be pulling out all the ornaments and stockings and hanging them by the chimney with care...

What if I don't have a chimney? Hmm...


Jason said...

My wife and I were talking about *exactly* this issue the day after Thanksgiving. It's not just unpleasant to shop because of the huge crowds (although that's no picnic) - it's like people's attitudes start changing about six weeks away from 12/25. Unfortunately, you're right - the change isn't necessarily in a good-tiding-toward-men sort of direction.

Here's my theory - people stop seeing other shoppers as fellow human beings and start seeing them as The Competition. The Competition for parking spaces. The Competition for Wii Fit. The Competition for a cash register. The Competition for a space in the exit lane.

We're doing a 90%-handmade Christmas though, so we're trying hard to check ourselves out of The Competition. I wish more people would.

Kevin said...

Bah Humbug.