Friday, February 27, 2009

The hits just keep on coming...

AHS never ceases to disappoint.

True to their history, they have picked a STELLAR repair man to come fix our heater. As you may remember we had an appointment for 8:00 this morning. (If you don't, that's ok. Just scroll down and take a look at the post and try to contain your laughter.) I went off to work, Dave was going to wait for the guy and go in late to work. About 9:30 I get a call from Dave. The repairman called at 8:15 and said we were "next on the list." (Hmmm... Didn't this guy say we were going to be the first appt of the day? And he might even be earlier than 8am???)

Dave told him to not bother, we'd reschedule. He then of course promptly called the Queen of Sarcasm so I could deal with this genius.
For your pleasure.... Phone conversation #2 with this guy:

Shady Repairman Guy: Hello?

Me: Hi. It's Kristen Wax. I guess I have to reschedule because you missed my appointment this morning.

SRG: Hold on, hold on. *Sounds of him walking somewhere -like down a tunnel. What the ??*

SRG: Ok. What's your name again?

Mind you it's only 9:30, and our appointment was for 8:00. How many appointments could he have missed THIS MORNING that he can't remember my name?? But I digress..

Me: Wax.

SRG: Oh yeah. I remember. Strange name. Ok. (Shuffle) Oh. (Shuffle shuffle) OH! I don't have your paperwork! OH! I guess I forgot it! Geez! Oh man!

Me: Ok, well, do you want me to call you when you're at the office, with the paperwork?

SRG: Oh I KNOW what happened! Your appointment was for NEXT Friday. That's why I don't have your paperwork. YOU got your dates mixed up.

Me: Uhh... No I didn't.

SRG: Yeah. I was talking about NEXT Friday.

Me: Then why did you call my husband at 8:15 today to say you were running late?


Me: (Very sarcastically) You were scheduled for today at 8am. Remember I called you on Tuesday of this week and I said either THIS Thursday or Friday? And YOU picked this Friday? And YOU told me I would be the FIRST appointment of the day. So how come you called my husband and told him we were NEXT on the list? Then that means I'm NOT first on your list. You lied to me.

SRG: I can be there in 10 minutes.

Me: It's too late. We're at work. Our appointment was at 8 AM.

SRG: Look I'm sorry! OK, so when do you want me out there?

Me: (in the most sarcastic tone ever) As SOON as possible, FIRST THING IN THE MORNING. I don't care if it's 5 am. I want to be first on your list. I live in Jacksonville and work in St. Augustine. I can't come home in the middle of the day.

SRG: How about Monday at 8 AM?

Me: Fine.

SRG: Ok. Goodbye -

Me: WAIT! Don't you even want to know what's wrong with it???

SRG: I know what's wrong. It's not working.

So, I guess I am going shopping for an electric blanket this weekend because my heater is obviously never going to get fixed.

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dynochick (Jan) said...

And some people wonder why the DIY industry is growing.

Too many shady repairmen. I'm hoping that maybe something good will come from this deflated economy, like all these sub par repairmen will disappear.

I can relate to owning 2 houses,so do we. Until we retired in January we were driving 80 miles one way to work everyday 6 days a week.

Good luck