Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Fuzzy under feet.

I apologize for the delay in the next few posts... these things have happenned in the past 2 weeks, and I've just been too busy to blog about it!
The rug for the living room arrived! We needed a big one - 9x13 at least - and one that was under 1,000 dollars - so that limited our options! Luckily Lowes.com had 3 rugs that were big enough, and all priced around 500 bucks. So I picked the least offensive - and this is what we got:

It's not too bad! It actually has the blue color in it, so I think it will match well with our paintings that we'll eventually get around to putting up on the walls.

The old rug that was in our living room at Belmonte will probably be making an appearance in the "man room" until Dave can find a nice leopard skin rug to complete the "man theme."

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