Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Feed me, Seymore! Feed me!

This past weekend we decided to bite the bullet and ask for help with the yard.

I know I know... we were let down as well. What is it with us? We just hate asking for help?? I don't know. Maybe we just got on a roll with fixing everything ourselves. Usually it's been just a trip to Home Depot for supplies and then we start flying by the seat of our pants with a screwdriver and some elbow grease. No instruction manual for us!! Who needs it?? We've got common sense!!!
It's worked out so far. (It also helps we went through A LOT of trial and error with the Belmonte house.) But when it comes to living foliage.... well... you've seen my previous blogs. You can't caulk or paint over a big dead patch of grass. So on Saturday we went to Ace and found a yard guy and asked him what the heck do we do to resurrect our grass from the dead?

Apparently you have to FEED the stuff.

So we left with a ginormous bag of Weed and Feed under the assurance of the Ace guy that everything would be OK - we caught the cancer before it spread. We got home and read the instructions (a first) and realized we already had 2 things working against us. 1.) It says fertilize yard in February or early March. and B.) It says "Do NOT apply with a hand spreader." Ironically that's the only type of spreader we've got. Great.

Dave decided to throw caution to the wind and use the hand spreader anyway. So I say, "Great - OK, well, is says here you need to wear pants and gloves because you don't want to get the poison on your skin-" And I look up to see Dave applying it wearing shorts, sandals, and of course glove less.
I cry out "Dave! What about your legs? It will burn you!"
He says "Nah. It only activates with water. I'll be fine. I'm going to take a shower after this anyway."

Now I know Dave's SAT scores were higher than mine... but isn't water involved in a shower?

So now the grass has got a full coat of the poison/fertilizer and it rained this weekend so HOPEFULLY the weeds start to die and the grass starts to grow. You can tell it's working if the weeds start turning yellow. I'll keep you posted...

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