Thursday, April 3, 2008

I think it's time we talked about the bathroom.

So the house is looking good... the yard is getting there... I think it's time to start tackling the master bath. It's the one room we have not touched cosmetically. We did do some minor improvements to it when we first bought Ardsley. We ripped out the old crusty shower doors.... I caulked the tub and shower so there are no leaks... we replaced the sink and facuet... and the toilet... Well, I guess we've done more than I thought we'd done! Maybe it feels like we haven't done anything to that room because I am still greeted by this lovely wallpaper every morning at 6:30...


It's time. So here's what we need to do:
Prime and paint walls
Regrout some areas of the floor/wall where the grout has chipped away
Clean the rest of the shower enclosure gunk off the tub.
Replace the old crusty handles on the vanity with nice clean ones
Replace the light fixture that blinds you when you walk in

Eventually I would like to get a double vanity... right now we've only got one sink but the vanity is sooo long - there's enough room for another one. I wonder why they just didn't put 2 sinks in there in the first place?
And we are going to need a new door. The one we have doesn't shut - probably from years of steamy showers with NO ventilation system.
So I guess we've got to add a fan too...
Ooo... I'm getting the itch to make a Home Depot run tonight...

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