Monday, November 17, 2008

OMG It's almost Turkey Day!!!!

Looking at the last post, I almost shed a tear (sniff sniff) I was SO HOPEFUL that we could get something accomplished before the big day, but alas here we are... November 17th and I have NOTHING NEW TO REPORT.

I know.

It's quite the shock... but I think we were just worn out from the Rays almost winning the world series, the Gator games and Jags games, and don't forget about those pesky elections that kept Dave at the office until 2:36 AM. (News sucks.)

So we've done some minor - itsy bitsy teeny weeny - things around the house, but nothing really spectacular where you'd say - Wow what a difference!
Instead I am focusing my efforts on NOT FREAKING OUT over the fact that we are almost 1 week away from hosting our first Thanksgiving. (See how well I'm doing?)


Vicki said...

who is cooking?

Kristen said...

Yours truly. My mom already yelled at me that I got a turkey that was too big. Did you know today is National Thaw Day? I guess that means I am supposed to take it out of my freezer today.