Thursday, October 30, 2008


I know I know. We've been MIA for about 2 weeks. BUT it's been a helluva 2 weeks! I've been so busy - I didn't even have 5 minutes to stop and blog about it!

So needless to say work on the house has been minuscule.
Hmm... where to begin?

I think when we spoke last we were coming up on the weekend of October 18th - which was a bye week for the Gators AND the Jags. I had high hopes for that ugly wallpaper. But alas we had bee-a-U-tiful weather and I just couldn't stand being cooped up in that poorly ventilated bathroom!!
So Dave and I tackled the flower beds in the front yard. It was a full 2 days of digging up weeds, pulling vines, splitting up lilies and planting them in bare spots. We then stumbled upon some free mulch that we put to good use. That's right. FREE mulch.
It was in the parking lot of the VFW on Phillips highway. I have no idea where it actually came from or why in the world it was free... but we didn't stop to ask why. Dave loaded up the garbage cans and we shoveled as much as we could into them and used it in the newly cleaned out flower beds.
Dave actually had to go back for more several times. I think we used 9 garbage cans total. (Which just proves my point - It's TOO much "bed"... not enough lawn!! If we get a big chunk of cash in the near future I am going to pay someone to come dig everything up and just sod the whole property.)
So that was the whole weekend. We were sore, tired, and sunburned... but happy to finally not be embarrassed of the front yard!

Tuesday night I went to the Dolly Parton concert with my friend Dana. It was fabulous, of course. Dolly was a tiny sparkly ball of energy on stage. And we had fun standing up and belting out Jolene with the 65 year old ladies next to us...

Wednesday was the big golf outing at work... I was one of the captains this year and I'm proud to say my team won. (Any doubt in your mind??) We were rewarded with a week of jeans... which I am enjoying at my desk right now.

And then on Friday Dave's friend Ryan from Chicago came into town. It was pretty much beer and sports the whole weekend.

This past week we tried to get back on a normal sleep (and eating) schedule... but today all that goes out the window. Not only is it Halloween... it's Florida/ Georgia weekend. Which means.... you guessed it... beer and sports. (And candy corn. YUM.)

(See? you mock me. But I'm telling you... I am turning into a man.)

((Would that make Dave gay??))

So I have high hopes for November. We are now down to 3 weeks before Thanksgiving!!
MAYBE we can get some more projects accomplished.

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