Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Speak to me.

On Saturday night, Dave and I found ourselves on the deck enjoying a glass of vino and looking at the stars.

(Well - truth be told, Dave had a bottle of vino, I had 2 vodka tonics, and we were listening to the stray cats fighting on the next street over. But it sounds so much more romantic the other way doesn't it??)

So here we are, alone with our thoughts.... nothing moving... just the calm of a nice night.
And Dave says, "You know what we need? MUSIC!"

Yup. That's right. The very next day Dave got to work hanging the outdoor speakers over the deck. It was quite the project. We had to figure out how to run the wire from the radio/CD player in the garage to the deck. This involved somehow going through a brick wall. Hmmm.

D actually ended up using an existing hole that a pipe was going through. He made it bigger and threaded the 4 wires needed through it. We realized that we actually have no idea what this pipe goes to, or what it's used for? But if I've learned anything from living in an old house it's this ---- If you don't know what it is, and it's not hurting anything, LEAVE IT ALONE. There's probably a good reason it's there, just no one is alive from the time when they installed it to tell you what that reason is.

So the speakers are up, the music comes through great, and the deck is open for tailgating! Just be careful about the actual wood on the deck... you might slip on the mold or fall through an old board. But that's another project!

A picture of where we had to go through the brick..... and Arnold, supervising.

Dave hard at work.......... and Viola! Where the speakers live today!

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tinasauers said...

i enjoy your blog. i am your faithful reader. your husband sounds alot like mine....inventively handy! you write well. it is precise, interesting and informative with nuggets of witty thrown in for good measure. keep it up!