Wednesday, October 1, 2008

If it's for free - It's for me.

We are t-minus 56 days until Thanksgiving. And I am trying to stay calm.

Last night I woke up in a panic at 3:40 am. I had a nightmare about not having a big enough tablecloth for the table. (Silly? yes. Does that help me today as I struggle to stay awake at work? no.)

I know there is nothing to be stressed over - but honestly I just can't help it. (Dave thinks I am genetically prone to stressing out anyway because of my Italian roots. Well well. We'll see who has the last laugh when my olive skin still looks great at age 97.) I have a list a mile long in my head of thing that need to get done - and only about $5 to do it all with.

Last night I compared our credit card balance to what we actually had available in the bank and... well.......... let's just say I cried for a good 45 minutes. After replenishing my tears with half a bottle of red, D and I decided that it's time to buckle down. We've now got a looming deadline in mind. We are committed to getting our butts in gear before both sets of in-laws get here to "see all the progress."

First things first - I will write down this list and get it out my head and onto paper. Maybe that will help with that whole "sleeping" issue.

Secondly - we decided to try and not spend any money on October as far as "stuff" goes. (No trips to the Depot, the Consignment Barn, or the most lethal of them all - Target. No matter what I go in for, toilet paper, milk, etc; I walk out with 6 bags in tow and $60 poorer. How do they do that???) Money will be used for necessities - Gas, Food, and Booze (of course).

I am hopeful this plan will work. Not only will it help make a dent in the debt - but maybe will help us tackle the numerous "half-finished" projects that have been lying around the house all summer. For example... here's a small mental list I just thought of (mental note - write this down too as soon as you're done with this blog)

Strip the wallpaper in the bathroom - Cost: FREE other than elbow grease

Cut, stain, poly the last wooden threshold - Cost: FREE since the materials are in the garage

Give away all those bags of old clothes to Goodwill - Cost: FREE

You get the idea.
Alright I feel better already! Sorry but I've got to run - I have to get going on this list I'm writing.....

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Kevin said...

"Doing It" is also free... (you're welcome Dave.)