Thursday, October 9, 2008

I am turning into a man. (Help!)

When I was growing up, my sisters and I always joked about my dad knowing waay too much about "girl stuff."

To be fair, you can't blame him. He lived with a wife, 3 daughters, and a female cat. There was a constant stream of hair products, chick flicks, and Barbie Dolls. He probably couldn't tell you who the winner of every Superbowl was, but I'm sure he could name every cast member on Friends and tell you the best way to apply eyeliner. (Ok the make-up might be a stretch. But I do remember him having to do my hair a few times in elementary school.)

Well the tables have turned, my friend. The tables have turned.
I am now trying to survive in a sea of testosterone. True - it's only my husband and Arnold the cat. But we do A LOT of the trademark male activities. Tailgating, sports watching (in the stadium AND at home) belching, scratching, lots of meat eating and sitting around afterwards rubbing our bellys comparing who's more full.

I never noticed the subtle transition until I hung out with some single girlfriends. None of them are LIVING with an actual male, therefore not under their influence. My first clue was the ordering of the drinks. They ordered colorful things in dainty glasses. I got a draft beer.

Then I started to notice it at work. These women dress up for work. I think I even heard someone talking about their slip under their skirt. What am I wearing? Pants and sensible shoes. (AKA ugly ones.)

THAT'S IT! This has got to stop.

First step - making a girlie room in the house just for me. Dave has his NASA room... Why can't I have mine??? So I am going to make the other guest bedroom my haven. (Sorry to all future guests!!! You better like the color pink!)

And the next step is to implement some girlie activities into our lives.
Last Friday was the first attempt and I think it went quite well. We went to a charity function where we actually had to dress up and mingle with other adults. AND it was held at the Cummer Art Museum. (Art, culture, AND charity? Triple score!) Dave was very good, he humored me through the whole thing and even dressed up.... a little. I could not convince him to put on better shoes but I'll take it. It's something.

At this function they also had a silent auction where I picked up these little beauties for the new girlie guest room.

I'm on my way.
Watch out Arnold. You might be next on my list. How do you feel about a small bow tie?

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Kevin said...

Why is it that to make something "girlie" it has to be pink?? I'll be sleeping in the NASA room.