Friday, March 19, 2010

Photo Finish?

So one of the reasons I've been procrastinating writing more posts (AHEMMM! Shut it!) is the fact that our computer started to crap out last year - taking all of our precious before and after house photos with it. I know! Sad! I still can not get over it. :(

We did not have any sort of good back up system... so we've been in this sort of purgatory state where we try to boot it up... it crashes, or never boots as all... sometimes we get the blue screen of death... and then Dave gets a little misty eyed... and then I yell out some obscenities and declare I NEVER LIKED YOU ANYWAY AND YOUR MOMMA IS UGLY! (and then I may or may not stick my tongue out)

But luckily - luckily guys! - I have some photos stored on my work laptop, just from saving them to get them from here to there or whatnot. So if there are some missing stages of projects - you'll have to forgive me - the computer ate my homework.

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