Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

Ahh yes. Breathe in with me won't you? SSSSSNNNNNNNNIIIFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!
I can smell spring! I can I can! Seriously! It smells like a light dew mixed with fresh mulch mixed with chicken cutlets.

What! I'm a little hungry today....

Ok so you can't smell the cutlets, but seriously I know we're finally coming to the end of "winter" here in FL because some of the bushes are growing again, and I even spy a few flowers peeking through! I love this time of year. It gets to be the perfect temperature here in Jacksonville, there are no major holidays to plan around, we start dreaming of house projects we can accomplish over the summer this year, and football season is no where in site to ruin my plans! ha ha! I know that last one just kills Dave. But seriously, have you ever tried to get your husband to accomplish something in October? If you're nodding your head, then you've probably had this conversation before too:

So can we paint that wall/sand that floor/pull those weeds/etc today?
Uhh.... well the Jags are playing at 1.
Ok, how about after that?
Well it'll be too dark/too chilly/I'll be too tired.
Alrighty. How about tomorrow?
Oh well the BLANK team is playing.
You don't even like the BLANK!
Yes, but their win/loss totally will influence how the Jags play next week.

Anyway - no time to dwell - I'm off to write up a to-do list. I decided I am going to follow along with Apartment Therapy's Spring Cure. Unofficially. Cuz, you know I'm a slacker. And I don't need people yelling at me when I fall behind. I'll be snapping photos of my to-do list and I'll (try to) post every Friday about progress I'm making.

In the meantime, on the other week days I'll be catching you up on projects that have been happening since we last spoke. Don't you love how time flies in Blogland? One minute I'm talking about New Years Resolutions... the next Spring cleaning. That's how we roll at the House of Wax. ;) Just call me the time traveler's wife.

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