Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Eu De Toilette

The first order of business is the plumbing.

We have some, yes..... is it working? noooo....

So we're calling in the plumber to get everything working and up to code, and with that we decided to get some new toilets. The old ones are junky and they don't work very well. So Dave decided - let's start fresh! Get some new crappers! Our butts will thank us later.

So we made a trip to Lowes (first of many I'm sure) to check them out. And I guess I've never really looked too closely at the toilet section... but I quickly realized - there are tons of options... each with their own price. Who are these people paying 600 dollars for a toilet? It's still just a toilet! Amazing how much money you can drop (no pun intended) on something you poop in.

So the guy went through his whole rig-a-ma-roo, "This one is top of the line, chair height, wipes your ass for you, yada yada yada."
(Just a little side note here - does chair height mean that every time I sit down on a chair, whether it be at work, at the dining room table... I will now have the urge to go? Does that freak anyone else out??)

We thanked the guy, told him we'd think about it. And then promptly turned around and got 2 of the "Toilet in a box" for 99 bucks.

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Kevin said...

I like toilets