Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Back to work

Dave circa August 2007

Dave, last Sunday, January 2008

Yes, we are still working on the hallway. I thought these 2 photos were funny - it just goes to show you how awful that old wallpaper was.
I was not inclined to "attack" it full force like I did the other lovely wallpapered rooms, specially because it's only a hall, and you don't spend much time in it. So whenever we would have a few minutes we would take a stab at peeling some off. It started to look pretty ratty, wallpaper hanging in shreds all over the place. Finally Dave said this weekend, "I can't take it anymore - we'v got to just get rid of it." So we mustered up some courage and dove right back in the home improvement pool. We did finally get all of the paper off and now we're fixing the holes, sanding and painting it. If you don't remember - it was a lovely textured wallpaper that looked like this:

Now it looks like this:

Thankfully that was the LAST room with wallpaper that we are going to strip!! WooHoo!! We still have the "garden of Eden" wallpaper in the master bathroom, but we are definitely just Killzing right over that!

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