Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A blog that Kaitlin will never read.

This is a great story - it and it relates to this blog so I thought I'd share with all you blog followers!

As you may know 1 week ago was my 29th birthday... and on Sunday we went to my parent's house to celebrate. My 17 year old sister said something... For the life of me I can't remember what (no cracks about being old) and I said "You didn't know that? I write about it all the time on my blog. You should check it out."

Her response: "I hate blogs. Actually I just hate that word. Blog. Yuck. So I refuse to read them."

Keep in mind this is MY BIRTHDAY dinner. What a great way to celebrate! She tells me she won't read about all my hard work on my house blog because she does not like the word blog. What a nice gesture! So sweet!

So I say, "Whatevs. Don't get all emo on me. I like to blog, yo."

You should have heard the laughter. I mean gut wretching laughter.
Dave is sitting there saying, "What's emo?" My mom pokes her head out of the kitchen and says "What's going on?" Kaitlin yells, "Kristen is trying to be cool!"

So now we know that Kaitlin doesn't read this and we can anything we want about her! Ha! That's the end of my story.

Oh and that is also the story of how Dave learned the definition of emo. (Which if you don't know, means "emotional" and is one step away from "goth." Surprised I knew that one, huh? :)

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Kevin said...

Happy belated birthday!!! (The check's in the mail.)