Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I miss the holidays already.

Well I guess the winter hibernation is over. We had a blissful 3 weeks where we did NOTHING on the house. Just went to Christmas parties, saw family, watched lots of movies on TV and ate like the world was ending tomorrow. Dave made us get back to work on Sunday this past weekend. I was totally against it - claiming a bit of seasonal depression and the fact that it was just "too cold to work." All I want to do now is watch HD stuff on our brand new TV!! It's very tempting... Santa brought us a Sony Bravia W 40 inch plasma. It's NICE to say the least. I'm very impressed - Dave did his homework about what was the best quality and price for our needs. We really lucked out... We were planning on buying NO presents for each other this year, considering the weight of carrying 2 houses... but we both got bonuses from work, and some money from relatives and it totalled up to the exact price of the TV Dave wanted. Amazing coincidence.... or maybe Santa just wanted us to have something under the tree after all.

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Kevin said...

Dave looks good with that TV... real good.