Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Hallway - DONE

Yes my friends, it was 6 months in the making - and what a wonderful hallway it's turned out to be. We are finally done with those walls. It was so hard to justify doing anything to that room because you spend very little time there. You're either walking through it one way or the other. But now we stop and say "Hmm.. what a great little hallway!" I ended up giving the trim a fresh coat of white and getting rid of all those finger prints. The walls ended up being a yellow - Tea Cookie by Behr. I wanted something bright and cheery since it's got no windows and doesn't get much light. I never got around to painting the doors - but they really need to be done now that they are up against all those fresh walls - they look awful.

Another humoungus milestone happenned this weekend. We had our first really big group this past Sunday for the Superbowl. 28 people showed up - and I was a nervous wreck that someone would ruin our new house - but everything was fine. No one broke anything. The floors held up and came out ok. There was 1 big scuff mark but Dave was able to get rid of it. I have a hunch it was a certain 8 year old boy who was scooting around in those sneakers with the rollerskates in them. But other than that and a few doritos that made their way onto the floor - everything went off without a hitch!

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Vicki said...

I'm so glad things are really coming along. Wasn't the superbowl great??? Go Giants!