Friday, February 8, 2008


The old bookshelf we used to have in the dining room has got some new life breathed into it! Last week I painted it brown and peach to match our new bedroom. The peach I had left over from the bathroom - the brown I picked up with one of our handy dandy home depot gift cards (Thanks Kara!) I did the first coat of paint and it turned out pretty yucky looking. I then promptly turned it over to Dave and said "I can't look at this thing anymore." and he made it look fabulous. (How does he do it?) He claims to not like painting - but the man does good work.
That bookself has been around... I built it with my dad when I was a teen. It was in my bedroom at my parents house... then it came with me to my first apartment and I gave it a shabby chic white wash. Then it moved to Belmonte where it was in the dining room. And now it's in our bedroom - holding all our novels. Looks pretty good for being an old bird!!

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Vicki said...

I love the brown and peach together, the colors look great!