Thursday, February 21, 2008

The magic touch.

IT'S ELECTRIC! Doo do doo do do doo do do do...

(Yes that's right. This blog has got an electric slide reference.)

I have some sort of superhuman power - I have the ability blow out lightbulbs. I swear all I am doing is flipping the switch, but it happens to me ALL THE TIME. What's the deal? Frequently I go to turn on a lamp or an overhead light, but instead I hear the pop sizzle, a bright flash, and then utter darkness. Then usually Dave follows up with, "Did you do it AGAIN?" Thanks honey.
This happened to me yet again this morning in the den (or man room). I went to flip on the overhead lights so Arnold could see his breakfast and POP Sizzle - another one blew out. Did I mention there's already one out in that room that I blew about 3 weeks ago? So now we are down to 1 out of 3 lights that are actually working in that room. Did I mention the fact that I was holding the cat at the time of the incident? Yeah that was fun. Nothing like claws in your shoulder to wake you up in the morning.
So in short - it may not be as cool as superhuman strength or the ability to fly - but I've got a superhuman power too. Now how can we harness it?? HHhhmmmnn.....

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Kevin said...

Try shaving your head. I hear hair can cause strange electrical currents... at least that's what Britney told me. She hasn't had a problem blowing bulbs in months.