Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Seven month itch...

It's been 7 months since we bought Ardsley... and we are running out of major renovations to do. (I never thought I'd say that!) I don't know whether it's the lack of funds we have right now... or the fact that we are now living there and are settled into the routine of daily life. But we really have nothing major to tackle anymore. There are lots of little things... but it's hard to motivate yourself when none of them are essential.
For example - we still need to figure out how to get rid of the residue left behind from those shower doors... I've tried just about everything that comes in a bottle. My last resort is a razor blade and elbow grease - to hell with the finish on the tub.
And we've still got REALLY BIG projects to do - like ripping up and re installing a new deck, new windows, getting rid of the sliding glass doors - but most of those projects either require a lot of cash or a professional know-how. I am not about to personally tackle the door or window situation. I watched a friend try to install a new front door... let's just say my ears were burning from all the cussing. Sailors would have been ashamed. That is one project that I will gladly pay someone to do.
Anyway - I got on this rant because Dave got me thinking about it last night. I guess we got so used to doing big projects - it feels wierd to not have anything to do. I can liken it to not being able to sit still. I have to be moving and doing something all the time.
So I guess this will change the nature of our blog!! There was a time where we were so busy all I could do was list the projects we were doing. Well... I guess you can expect some really detailed blogs about little projects we've got going on!!

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