Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Yes - someone is up for manual labor! WooHoo!

As a follow up to one of my previous blogs... We are getting reinforcements!
Thank You Jesus! Dave's parents are coming next weekend for a few days and they VOLUNTEERED to work on the yard. I can not even tell the sense of relief that I felt when Nancy said "I am prepared to rake the dead grass." YES!!
I have raked that dead grass twice... we have attacked the bushes with shears... and I have nearly thrown my back out trying to weed the garden beds... and we haven't even tackled the back yard yet. This yard is a project that's bigger than both of us. I don't really know how in the world we can keep it up. Maybe it's because it's constantly growing - so you are always redoing what you just did. It's the never ending project. UUgghh!!
So needless to say I am really excited about the in-laws visit. Hopefully we can rip out some of the beds and sod them over. And besides that - this will be the first visit where we are all actually staying in the same house together. Isn't that amazing? We can finally host people! I'm sorry it's taken 4 years to be able to do that!

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