Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Painting myself into eternity.


Probably never.

"But you just finished painting every room in the Ardsley house!" you say.

"Yes my friend, but we have TWO houses. And surprise, surprise, it's time for Belmonte to get a fresh coat." I say sadly.

Yup. We are back in the saddle... or should I say back on the ladder?... painting the Belmonte house. I begrudgingly came to this conclusion after a few facts were laid out to me. 1.) You can see the outline of picture frames after we took our paintings to Ardsley... also you can see all the imprefections that we covered up with those pictures. 2.) I have numerous feedback forms from people who walked through our house who say the colors are too crazy, it needs alot of work, and the curtains are ugly. and 3.) We have an open house in 2 weeks.

So you can guess what happened. Yup. I did my typical Kristen declaration about what "we" are going to do. It went something like this....

Me talking to Dave on the phone: "That's it! I've had it. We are painting the entire house buy-me-beige, I am taking all the curtains down, I am rolling up the all the rugs and we are doing some serious yard work and we are going to sell this house damnit. These people are idiots! Don't they know you can paint the walls whatever color they freakin want once they buy it? Does no one have the ability to see potential? We are just going to have to hand it to them on a freakin silver platter."
Dave's response: "Ok."

So I am yet again painting walls after work, and trying to scrub the splatters off my skin and out of my hair in the mornings before I have to go back to work at my day job. You are going to have to bury me with a paint brush in one hand.

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