Thursday, July 3, 2008

Another caper...

Two nights ago Dave came inside after mowing the grass and asked,
"Did you have a party and didn't tell me?"

After addressing Dave's fear of being left out, I discovered that he was talking about a stash of solo cups he found in the back right corner of the yard, behind some bushes. Odd.

There are several possible answers to this latest caper:
1.) Some litterbug threw them over the fence into our yard.
B.) Some teenage kids were drinking in our backyard while we were drinking in the Caribbean.
or 3.) There's a bum living in our backyard while we are at work.

The only reason I mention #3 is because this actually happened to a woman one street over. She is old and feeble and didn't get out much, and apparently some homeless man set up shop in her backyard behind a bush and she never knew!! It went on for several months. They finally caught the guy because he was stealing some other neighbor's newspaper and taking it back to his home (behind the bush).
What if he's returned? Maybe he went riding his bike through the hood (Oh yeah! He has a BIKE. This guy is the richest bum I've ever seen.) and took one look at our house, with the peeling paint, and the overgrown bushes and said, "THAT'S IT! It's perfect! I think I'll move in tomorrow."

So it could be any of those options...
Or maybe it's the note bandit? He's been awfully quiet... maybe he switched from notes to solo cups???
I need a nanny cam for the backyard... Arnold is not paying enough attention to what's going on while we are at work. All he does is nap. Damn spoiled cat.

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Kevin said...

A 3-legged dog would solve everything.