Monday, July 28, 2008

Shopping with your husband is dangerous.

Saturday was yet another extremely hot and muggy day; so much so - the windows were sweating from all the AC. So I decided it was just too hot to do any work outside.... And I really couldn't spend my entire Saturday cooped up inside the house, now could I? What's a girl to do? Go shopping of course! Perfect!

My downfall? I asked Dave, "Want to come with me?"

(Strike 1)

We decided to grab a bite, then head onto the stores. I'm envisioning us antiquing... Dave I guess had other plans. As we are driving towards the shopping mecca of town, he says to me, "Want to get Chick-Fil-A?" Sure. "Yeah," he proceeds, "It's right across from Best Buy. I can get my Blue Ray player while we're over there."

I know what you're thinking. But truth be told, we were planning on getting the Blue Ray, HD, DVD Player at some point anyway. Dave got some money and a Best Buy gift card for his birthday last week. So it was not a shock... I just didn't take into account how EXPENSIVE this Saturday was going to be. But I am getting ahead of myself....

We ate then hopped across the street to the store, and went looking for a PS3. Dave had planned on getting the PlayStation 3 because as every male will tell you "It's the cheapest HD DVD player out there." But alas - they were none to be found. Much like the sales people...
After almost tackling one as he came around the corner, we found out that they had stopped making the PS3. The conversation then went something like this:

Sales Person: They discontinued that model.

Me: Can we call another Best Buy and see if they have any left?

SP: They don't have any.

Me: No other stores in Jacksonville?

SP: Nope.

Me: You're telling me that no one has a box hiding in the back of a warehouse somewhere? Everyone in Northeast Florida is OUT?

SP: Yup.

Me: Huh.

SP: BUT You're in luck!!!! We still have the more expensive version available. Why here it is right here!

Me: How much?

SP: Only 100 bucks more than the one you wanted... oh and you have to pay 25 bucks for the remote. It's the cheapest player out there so you might as well get it.

Me: Oh really? How come I see Blue Ray players over there, cheaper, and they come with the remote, free of charge?

SP: Uhh... I have to help this customer over here... uhhh...

Dave was completely mortified, but we ended up getting a non-game-DVD-player for 400 bucks, like we planned on. What I didn't plan on was the $100 cable that you apparently need to hook it up to the TV.
(So much for saving 25 bucks on a remote.)

Then as we are walking out, Dave says "You know... we need HD DVDs to play on this. Let's get 1......... or 2." Ok sure. It's your birthday! Why not? How much do these cost?

(Strike 2)

$30 for a freakin DVD!!!!! That's it - get us out of this store before we have to take out a second mortgage on the house!!!!

We then proceeded to stop at the Antique mall (Finally!) and I got to do my intended shopping for a chandelier. But every one that we looked at I heard "It's up to you babe. You know I'm no good with this stuff."

(Strike 3. You're out.)

I gave up and took my very expensive cable and my bored husband back home.

Damn. I really am getting tired of looking at a lightbulb over my dining room table.


J.Bro said...

How odd is it that a home renovation blog is the first place I read about the PS3 being discontinued?

Kevin said...

Go Dave!! Bad news though, I just heard from a mutual friends of ours that you did it all wrong! He said you're an idiot for not finding the PS3... ha ha ha.

Kristen, please get your priorities straight :)

Vicki said...

I can totally relate.. if you get a chance ask Kev if window treatments are high on his priority list! We had it all out in Ikea one day over this, but lighting effects, apparently that was still on the shopping list.

The Waxes said...

It's something like the current "model" of PS3 is being discontinued... and they are making a more "high end" one. It's all jiberish to me.

And THANK YOU Vicki for relating!! These boys would still be sitting on milk crates if it wasn't for us.

Kevin said...

Milk was a bad choice!

SmilingJudy said...

HDMI cables at the electronics stores are a total ripoff. It's easy for them to tell 'you need this' so you just buy it there. They can be found for way less $$ on the 'net. Of course, then you have to have the patience for it to arrive in order to play with your new toy.