Monday, July 21, 2008

Hell Lowe...(s)

After sleeping in until 10am on Saturday, and 2 cups of coffee... I felt a renewed sense of energy. I went rummaging in my "pile-o-paper" to find those old Lowes and Home Depot gift cards that people have given us. (And by pile-o-paper I really mean "stack-of-old-bills,receipts,and-coupons-I-am-meaning-to-organize-one-day." ) We then went to Lowes armed with a list of things to buy to start various projects around the house. We fought the crowds and found ALMOST everything on our list.

I intended to buy a chandelier for the dining room, but just couldn't pull the trigger on any of the very generic looking brands they had hanging in the store. I just want to find something that is A. unique and B. jives with the 1940's architecture of our house. Is that too much to ask for?
Here is the chandelier that was hanging in the house when we put an offer on it. I'm not sure that's very 1940's-esque either... The owners tried to get us to shell out an extra $750 for it. We respectfully declined...
And they left us with this. Nice huh? While it does provide light... it's not the most fashionable...
So the hunt for a chandelier continues.
In the meantime we bought a much needed ceiling fan for our bedroom. Right now we've got a really weird gray looking one... I think it might be an outside fan because the entire thing seems to be made of plastic. Either way - it's getting the boot and the new Hunter fan will be ushered in this week! The only thing that concerns me is the fake architecture circle thing that is covering the hole where the fan is attached to the ceiling. (I have no idea what that's called.) I'm afraid that there might be a reason that they went with that "look".... possibly to cover up a bad decision or a structural mistake?

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Kevin said...

They are called ceiling medallions... just FYI. Good luck with your projects! Wish I was there to help Dave out :(