Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Pee stain aside - we discovered some beautiful hardwood floors under that carpet! Take a look for yourself what a difference it makes in the room:
Notice Dave on his hands and knees pulling carpet tacks out of the floor!
So now the next step is - what do we do with the floor? It's got virtually no damage - there are some paint drips, and of course that lovely urine spot. But other that that it's in really good condition. The poly on top has a slight impression of the carpet pad. So it probably needs to be refinished. I've looked it up and it looks like it will need what they call a "light sanding." It's just what it sounds like - sand it only once or twice. Clean it. And put a new coat of clear poly down. I don't think it needs to be stained - I like the kind of orangy color it is right now. So all we need to do is muster up enough energy to rent the sander and get our butts in gear.
OR we've been throwing around the idea of calling in "Mr. Sandless." It's a company that will come refinish your floors without sanding - no mess - and they are done in 4 hours (versus the 6 days it takes for the old fashioned way.) That would probably run us about 500 dollars... compared to the 50 bucks it costs to rent a sander.
One other interesting thing I should mention...when we pulled up the berber we discovered this: What is it, you ask? It's where a fireplace used to be!!!!!!! Why in the world did they board that up?? So I guess behind that wall there are a few more bricks and a big hole. Can't really tell from that wall can you?
I guess that's where the couch will go!

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