Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Out, damn spot! OUT, I SAY!

My epic saga with the pee stain continues. It's been a full two weeks and countless applications of hydrogen peroxide - and the damn thing will not go away!! I have been taking pictures trying to track the progress. But alas I see NO improvement. I am really dreading having to replace these boards. It's only this one corner of the room, too. So we thought we could get away with cleaning it, and then we wouldn't have to stain the entire floor to cover this one spot. But it looks like I am down to 3 options.

A. Bleach it and see how light it gets - hopefully not too light.
B. Rip out those boards and find ones to match.
C. Stain the entire floor a dark color.

Here are the photos - tell me what you think. Does anyone else have a solution for stained wood? I am up for trying anything.
DAY 14

1 comment:

Kevin said...

My suggestion would be to pee on the entire floor, thus leaving the "pee stain" color throughout.

You're welcome.