Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Water-downed tailgating...

The Jags game was blacked out on Sunday - but we wouldn't let that deter our spirits! It was a beautiful day, hardly any humidity, and a 1:00 kick off - so naturally we decided "Let's have people over to listen to the game!" We invited the Chowskes... threw some burgers and dogs on the grill... It was a fantastic time. First cook out at the house with people who are not related to us!!

Everything was going great (even the Jags were winning) until I heard Dave yell "Hey - I think I found where the washing machine empties out!!" I came running outside to see Niagra Falls on the side of my house
That's right... that's the washing machine water pouring out onto the ground. Nice eh?
I guess that's something we need to address. Either that - or we need to buy 365 pairs of underwear and socks.

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Vicki said...

your house is looking great! wish we could have come to the bbq!!!!!