Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I'm going to get you a mug, "Best Husband in the World."

I just want to take a minute to recognize Dave and all the amazing work he is doing on the house!! I started feeling this way when I was looking at some photos today. The house is really coming along - and Dave has done ALOT of the physical labor. Not only does he keep the grass mowed to a respectable height, he does all the heavy lifting and removes anything really smelly out to the curb - that is in between doing projects like replacing all the electrical outlets in the house, replacing toilets, building a workbench, spackling and sanding plaster walls, ripping out shower doors, pulling tacks out of the wood floor, installing a garbage disposal, and he is still running over to me whenever I yell "DAAAAVE, Can you move the ladder for me???? It's heavy and I'm done painting this wall." WHAT AN AWESOME HUSBAND!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!

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