Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Belmonte gets a sunny facelift..

Four rooms in Belmonte are now looking brighter than ever... which ain't too shabby considering there are like 6 roooms total in that house. I used the color Tea Cookie by Behr...mainly because I had alot left over from the hallway in Ardsley. So I had about a gallon and 3/4 of another to work with... and MAN was it close! I was scraping every little last drop out of the can!! The office/2nd bedroom was the last room I painted and it's pretty thin.. but I think it works.
I also touched up the trim on the bottom of the walls with white trim paint. It in no way matched what I had originally painted it - but those baseboards were SO dirty. They were filled with scuff marks, dirt, dust, splatters of soda and wine. I don't remember being that sloppy but apparently we were pigs!!!
If nothing else, everything at least looks fresh and clean for our open house on Saturday.

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