Thursday, March 13, 2008

Shed some light on it.

Well the in-laws came and went... it was a quick trip as usual. I didn't get as much of the yard tackled as I wanted, for two reasons. Nancy never really brought it up... and two, I caught a cold and started feeling really awful on Saturday. We did work for about 2 hours in one of the flower beds which was great; but that was about the extent of our gardening. I didn't want to push it, but I was really hoping she would help us tackle our black thumb. She ended up telling us alot of what we should do before summer gets here. So I got some good advice, but the yard still looks as crappy as ever.

Dave and Charlie built a great little shed in the back. It's much bigger than the old metal one and this one actually has a door that locks. It took them the entire time and they had to make several "emergency" trips to Lowes but I think it was well worth it!!

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Kevin said...

New shed looks awesome. Way to go Dave!!!! Definitely post some finished pictures for me.