Monday, March 24, 2008

What the deck?

I'm back at work today after a VERY productive weekend. Which is good and bad I guess... Good because I can sit at my desk and type on my blog and lay low... Bad because I was on such a roll that I kind of feel like if I had 1 more day off maybe I could get even more stuff done.

My office was closed on Friday so I had a free 3 day weekend. Friday I decided to head out and tackle some errands. And my last stop was at Garden Ridge because I saw an ad that they had patio umbrellas for $30 - which is a phenominal deal so I just had to check it out in person. When I got there not only did I find umbrellas in every color of the rainbow, but patio chair cushions in every color and pattern (25% off!) and new chairs ($15 each!) so I ended up getting 4 new chairs and 2 new cushions for the rocking chairs on the deck.

That purchase spurred a flurry of cleaning at Ardsley!! I scrubbed the remaining patio furniture down with a bottle of Krud Kutter and the hose on full blast. It was SO mildewy. Gross.
Then I moved inside the house and did a gargantuan amount of spring cleaning. I even vacuumed the blinds. (Yes I know I am fanatical but really they get very dusty. Have you ever looked at yours?) I feel so much better after a big cleaning like that, but it does wipe you out physically!
And then I moved onto cleaning out the office so we can do our taxes. I was shredding such old old old papers I was afraid they would turn to dust before I even got to load them in the shredder slot.

In between all the cleaning... we ate out one night, I cooked one night, we got some movies at Best Buy, I went to Dave's softbll game, I went to the pool with my sisters, and we had a nice Easter dinner at my parent's house. It was quite a whirlwind. But I am most excited about the new deck furniture! I'll take pictures tonight...
Hope everyone had a great holiday!

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Kevin said...

You promised pictures... still none. Rude.