Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy 50th!

So what kind of present do I get for posting my 50th blog? Isn't that gold or diamonds or something?

I am kidding of course... (Dave is right now breathing a sigh of relief.)
So to celebrate - let's recap some of our favorite house stories shall we?

How about trying to install the new toilets? We did all that work to get the old ones out, the new ones installed and then stepped back and looked at it and Dave said "It's crooked." M-F-er.

OR how about the time I was pressure washing the deck and realized I was actually breaking the wood off because it was so rotted. So now we've got holes in the deck. Nice.

There was my nervous breakdown about the dining room paint color...
There was Dave's frustration over replacing all the outlets...
The light switches that go to nowhere and don't turn anything on...

And that stupid white carpet that we tried SO hard to keep clean, but then finally decided to rip it up and found nice hardwood floors underneath! (What were we afraid of??)

I know we're reminiscing here but I'd rather not talk about the wallpaper.... or the other wallpaper.... or that other wallpaper.

Or my favorite day... the day we signed the paperwork and then drove to Ardsley with the keys and walked into our very first house together. One of the neighbors actually ran over to congratulate us and took a picture of Dave carrying me over the threshold. :) We were so abitious. I think we've lost a little of that... we're just worn out and now are trying to enjoy all the work we've put into it. It's fun to come home to a house that's (for the most part) finished.

We've learned alot in a VERY short amount of time about what we can and can't do. And now people are asking for our advice... which is so crazy to me because not a year ago I was asking everyone I could think of for advice!!
To anyone buying an old house out there I would say it's fun - but ALOT of work. So you either have to be independently wealthy or willing to give up alot of Saturdays. It's all worth it in the long run though when people come over and say, "I love your blank.... who did that for you?"

And you can say, "I did."

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