Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A little Vanity never hurt anybody...

In the midst of the stripping nightmare that would not end, I had Dave take down two things that have been driving me cray since day one.
The first was the vanity light.

Now some people have argued with me over this thing. I've heard it's cute, fun, shabby chic, antique-ie, and lovely. But this thing.... this thing... was SO GROSS in person. Not only was it a dust collector, it was so freakin bright in the morning - I cringed every time we had to throw the switch. So I would agree, yes, it was shabby - but NO where near chic. Thankfully, it's now gone. And I get to shop for a new light. (yea!)

The other thing that drove me bonkers was the vanity cabinet. Not only was it very "country" looking, what with it's scrolly piece up top - it also opened the wrong way. That's right. It opened towards the mirror. So every morning you have to be careful not to smack yourself in the face when you are half asleep and trying to open it.

So that is gone too. I might shop for a new one eventually, but in the meantime Dave sawed off the scroll and will flip it when he installs it after we paint, so it will open the right way. It will at least buy us some time (and save us some money) in case I don't find anything I like. One thing we were curious about when we took out that vanity was the possibility of finding razor blades.

If you live in an old house you know what I am talking about!! If you don't, and you live in an old house - check this out and let me know what you find. **If you look in your bathroom vanity cabinet, there should be a little slit in the back. This is where they encouraged men to "dispose" of their razor blades after they went dull. Of course they don't actually go anywhere - they usually just pile up on a beam inside the wall. I know one of our neighbors found literally hundreds in their wall when they renovated their bathroom. Dave and I were really excited to find the same thing in ours... but alas... we had 1 lonely blade. Not too crusty either. Which makes me think that either the previous homeowner was smart enough to realize the ridiculous marketing schemes of the 40's... or maybe he just wore a really big beard.


Kevin said...

I like the gray idea... stick with it. get rid of that giant mirror though.

Kristen said...

Well the giant mirror will be part of "phase 2" of the bathroom renovation. I eventually want to get a new vanity that has 2 sinks (and put in the plumbing for a second sink) and I think at that time we'll get a new mirror. I'm thinking two smaller mirrors -his and hers.
I have no idea what's behind that gigantic mirror!!! There could be a gaping hole back there??! I guess we'll tackle that later!

Vicki said...

So glad you lost the light fixture. Nothing cute about it.. you'll pick out something way cooler.

Karen said...

I had never heard of the razor thing but I checked our medicine cabinet after reading this and sure enough, there's a slit there. We were too chicken to replace that mirror when we did our renovation (I hate dealing with giant holes in plaster walls!) but now I'm curious.