Thursday, January 22, 2009

Long time, No post!

Ahhh..... How I've missed you, internets!

Yes it's been a long time. No I am not going to apologize.
(What can I say? We've been busy with LIFE. It happens.)

So what's been going on at the House of Wax? Oh a little of this.... a little of that. We had a great Christmas break. Dave had to work for most of it (unlike me who had almost 2 weeks off!!! Yeah that was nice) so we didn't travel this year. It was good and bad... we missed seeing all the fam, but honestly it was NICE to not have to pack anything and be able to sleep in our own bed on Christmas Eve! Santa was good to us... he left us a brand new Refrigerator for the kitchen and a fire pit for the deck. (Amazing he was able to fit all that in his sleigh ;)

I was FINALLY able to start the master bathroom project. I spent most of my vacation stripping wallpaper... and stripping wallpaper... and stripping wallpaper. (More on the exciting details of this project later.)

And last week Dave and I hopped a plane to Vegas to celebrate my downward spiral into old age. AKA my 30th birthday. It was exactly as I imagined, totally chaotic, exciting, fun, exhausting and slightly nauseating. Which I am guessing, is also how it was 30 years ago when my mom went into labor. Although there was probably less cigarette smoke in the hospital and no slot machines...

So expect some more blogs to follow... We've got a lot of ground to cover!
Happy New Year everyone!

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Kevin said...

Yeah!!! Kristen's back! Can't wait to see the new fridge and hear all about your wild Vegas vacation. Sorry we couldn't join you.