Monday, January 26, 2009

So sue me.

Well I forgot to bring in the camera to work so you'll just have to wait a little longer for the before and after pics.
But Dave spackled his little heart out this weekend so the walls are ready for a nice thick coat of primer. We are getting soooo close to picking a color!! (My favorite part!)

Even though I forgot the camera... I can show you the inspiration for the bathroom. Here's a picture from the Pottery Barn website...

Ok so right now my bathroom vanity looks NOTHING like this. But! Hear me out... The top of our vanity is a fake marble looking plastic (comparable to the real marble pictured here) and all of our tile is white - like the grogeous looking tile in this picture. Soooo.... I was thinking that if I paint the bottom of the vanity brown, and paint the walls a gray similar to this... I can achieve the same sort of spa-like effect. What do you think?

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Tonia said...

Don't know if you are interested in replacing your vanity or not, but I loved this PB vanity as well. I found one that is very very similar last year at Costco for a fraction of the PB price. I was so amazed at how much alike they look that I wondered if they were manufactured by the same company. We got the single but they had the double available too. Don't know if they still have them in store or not. But if you want to replace the vanity it's worth checking out.