Friday, May 23, 2008

Brick, are you just saying you love the lamp?

I have a thing for lamps. Dare I say it? I love Lamp. I do. I love Lamp!!

Dave is constantly making fun of me... saying I want to one of "those people" who has a ton of little lamps stashed in nooks and crannies on bookshelves end tables all over the living room. I really think he'd be happy if we just put a florescent light on the ceiling. BUT he doesn't complain about my lamps when it's late at night and we reduce the light to 1 or 2 lamps for some mood lighting... so really he doesn't have a leg to stand on, does he?

Well I just found another new one on sale at Pier One that I especially love for two reasons. 1.) It was 50% off the original price which is awesome since lamps usually cost an arm and a leg... and B.) It's my signature color - that beautiful aqua that makes me think of the water in the Caribbean. Ahhh....

Besides the fabulous aqua lamp that I just got yesterday... I've picked up a few others in my recent travels... There's the dark blue pottery looking lamp that I got a Burke outlet for $20 - shade and all!

And a very cute pink lamp, (that I seem to have forgotten to take a picture of..) that I found in an antique mall for $12.

Why be generic and go to Target for a lamp? Get something funky or unique!! They are great little accessories that you can always change with a can of spray paint and a new shade - or you can just move them from room to room and change the entire look. For instance, once I brought my prized possession home yesterday, I moved the old living room lamps into the bedroom and Viola!! Now the bedroom has a face lift too!

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