Friday, May 16, 2008

The note bandit.

We've got a caper on our hands. Someone has been leaving notes on our door... I guess I need to explain. Let me back up for a minute...

While I believe our neighborhood is very safe, there have been a few cars broken into and a few lawn ornaments stolen. I think it's one of the teenagers in the hood, but nonetheless it's better to be safe than sorry - so the neighbors of Ardsley decided to put up a "Neighborhood Watch" sign right at the front of our entrance, hoping this could defer any petty theft.

And it worked... until this week.

On Tuesday Dave and I went out for dinner at about 8pm... and got home at 9. We both got into our jammies and took our contacts out. (We've been married 4 years - the spark has been replaced by the dull flicker of the boob tube.) I went out the front door to shake out a blanket that Arnold had been lounging on.. when I discovered a note tucked under our welcome mat. I picked it up and looked at it and it said... "I wish you good wishes, police officer."

So Dave called a neighbor to see if it was a joke. She knew nothing about it. As soon as he hung up with her, she called right back and said "Oh my God, I just went to my front door and I had one too!" So one thing led to another and we discovered about 5 of us had received notes. All different, but all signed or addressed to: Police Officer.

We called an ACTUAL police officer and he came out and took a report but said he really couldn't do anything because it wasn't a crime. I'm sorry but isn't this Trespassing at the very least? Can't we dust for prints? Where's the forensics team?

Since it was 10:30pm by the time he got to our house, we didn't call anyone else to see if they got a note. But I would love to know if anyone on the next street over got one. How very strange. It could be a bum that's been riding his bike around lately. But why in the world would he bother with sticking notes in everyone's doors? The one helpful thing the officer said was that he thought it might be an elderly person by the way the "I" was written. Apparently it's a very old way of writing that's not practiced anymore.

I'll keep you posted on the case of the Note Bandit.

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