Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Take a leak.

Yesterday I took a half day at work and my Dad came over to help me trouble shoot the sprinkler system. We've got "misters" on the side of the driveway that get the azaleas wet... but Dave and I have noticed that some of the sprinklers just gurgle and water runs down the driveway, instead of actually giving the plants the water they so desperately need.

So my dad and I are standing out there in the HOT afternoon sun, and we thought that we found the problem sprinkler head. Great! So we travel to Ace, get a new one, bring it back, dig up the old one, replace it, and turn the sprinkler system on to see the results.

Nothing. No water even coming out.

So now we've discovered we must have a cracked pipe somewhere in the system. Which means... you guessed it... ALOT more digging.

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