Thursday, May 8, 2008

Flower Power

I don't know when or how it happenned... but in my race against time, where I am trying to conquer the weeds before summer actually hits.... flowers have started to spring up in the backyard. It's the wierdest thing too because I was convinced that I had killed everything and was doomed to look at an ugly yard for yet another summer. But no - we've got honest to goodness FLOWERS growing. Maybe it's because I was so focused on the dollar weed, I had no time to "accidentally" pull up what is now beautiful blooming stuff. So yes - you could say that procrastination pays off!!

I'll post pictures with my new camera tomorrow - but last night I took a walk around and found, daffodils, lillies, impatiens, plumbago, hibicus, jasmine, wysteria, and some tropical looking red thing that gets really tall!


Kevin said...

You and the promising of pictures... If you put it in writing you must deliver.

Vicki said...

hey there! we miss you guys. can't wait to see pictures of the flowers.