Monday, May 5, 2008

We are boring. I know.

It's been awhile since the last post... there were a few factors that contributed towards that fact. The most obvious one being that we were gone for 9 days. We went to Mississippi for a wedding and for a general family visit. It was nice to get away... but of course we missed the boy, and I started to get the itch to do more work on our yard after seeing how beautiful my mother-in-law's backyard is! She's got a green thumb and can make anything grow. It's like a tropical resort back there!
The other factor is that work has been heating up for both of us and really I am just too mentally exhausted to start anything when I get home. It's May Sweeps for Dave... and the Players Championship is next week so everyone at my office is crazy. This is my first year where I have to run all the edits, and graphic and audio sessions around the building. Quite literally it's like trying to organize a bunch of chickens who just got their heads cut off. People are just acting crazy.
And the last excuse.... errr I mean reason.... is that our digital camera just flat out died 2 weeks ago. And really what's a blog with no pictures? That's no fun.
That camera had a good run. It lasted 4 years - which I would say was a pretty long lifespan! Considering we took it all over the world, in all kind of temperatures, I dropped it numerous times, and my cousin spilled beer on it at a wedding last summer. It put up a good fight, but it's just a tired old bird!!
So yesterday we went to Best Buy and decided to spend some of our tax rebate money on a new one. Dave relented and let me get a SMALL camera. I LOVE it! So now I can fit it in the tiniest of purses!! I think the digital camera has come along way, because this tiny little thing has got all the features of our old camera with about half the size.
So I'll be taking pics and getting this blog up and running again!
Hope everyone had a nice spring break! :)

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