Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Make like a tree and leave.

Dave and I spent most of our Memorial Day weekend doing yard work.
Wait! wait! Before you BOO us... It was actually sort of fun. The weather was gorgeous and the backyard is really starting to look nice... and we had fun together so it's not as bad as it sounds. One of the most exciting things we tackled was the huge tree in the corner. It was so overgrown the branches were growing down into the yard. Yeah. It was crazy to see. Even more crazy was the way my loving husband attacked the beast. He was hanging off a limb with one arm and sawing at another limb - OY! I'm surprised he didn't saw off a finger or two in the process. We also did do some fun stuff. Friday night was date night - we went to Sorrento's for an awesome Italiano meal! Bravo! MWWUA!
Sunday night we went to my aunt's for a Barbecue... and Monday Bryan and Sarah Campbell came over with their 2 kids for dinner. I got some sparklers for $2 at Winn Dixie and that was our entertainment for the evening. (I'm not really sure how pyrotechnics relate to the men and women who serve our country - but hey whatever floats your boat.) It was fun to watch Dave run around the yard like a crazy person, waving a flaming stick in the air.

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