Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A hodge podge of news...

Let's see... well there's no status on the Note Bandit. He's apparently "laying low." Hopefully he'll surface soon in the daylight so I can see his face.

The yard is actually looking decent. Well... the grass is still dead but is coming back to life in sections, and it looks like the weed and feed is finally taking effect on the weeds.

We are trying our best to get motivated to start another big project in the house, but it's just so hard because it's looking pretty good and I hate to make a huge mess! But Dave and I both know that the bathroom especially has got to be done - I just can't take that wallpaper anymore.

Today I am leaving at lunch and my dad is meeting me at the house so we can fix some sprinklers that are broken. Right now they just gurgle and water runs down the driveway. I can't imagine how they got broken.... unless someone ran over them with their enormous truck...

And we have 1 month to go until our vacation back to St. Thomas. Woo hoo!!! I can't even begin to tell you how looking forward to this we are! Work has been so crazy for both of us lately... we really need to lie on the beach and relax!! I guess it's pretty sad that 2 people in Florida have to travel to the carribean to do that.

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Kevin said...

I'd like to lay on the beach and relax too.