Monday, September 8, 2008

FAN tastic.

I'm happy to announce that the yucky old grey fan is finally GONE and we've now got a brand spankin' new fancy looking one in it's place!! Yea!

It wasn't a hard project... but it kept us busy for a few days. If you don't remember the old fan looked like this:

UUUUGGGHHH. Hated that thing. It was dirty and rocked and creaked and made noise. I just hated staring at it from my bed every night. The ceiling medallion was at one point white in color - I am assuming - but I've only known it as this very attractive "stale yellow" color. Lovely. Our biggest fear was what lied beneath that medallion....

So one day I came home from work and found the ceiling fan box open and the contents spilled out all over the living room floor - near "someone's" favorite blue recliner.

I could barely contain my excitement! "So we've started this project?! Hooray!! Dave? Dave! Where are you? Honey.....honey.......Yoo Hoo!!...." I walked through the house looking for my favorite handy man and walked right into (or should I say under?) the reason I couldn't find him.
Two holes in the ceiling. Not one. But two.

Uh oh.

Hmmm.... THATS not good.

Dave had gone to the Depot for more supplies because we were going to have to rig this new fan to fit. We're not really sure HOW that grey fan was hanging up there because there was no wood behind either one of these holes??!! I'm no braniac but... aren't fans heavy?

Well Dave eventually figured out a way to make it work.

He's a smart guy.

And while we're at it - out went the old ceiling medallion - in came the nice clean simple WHITE one to cover that second hole. Ahhh!! Better!

The finished product looks like this:

It's quiet and fast and keep us nice and cool! Thank you Hunter Ceiling Fans!!!
I have to admit this was very much a DAVE project. Other than pictures I really did nothing to further the project. In fact I probably slowed us a down a little with all of my comments and picture taking ("Babe!! Look this way! Babe! Make a face! Good one!")
So a big MMWWUA kiss for my hubby! The electrical wizard!! :)

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Kevin said...

Dave looks good. I could use him to add electrical service to my detached garage... please.