Thursday, September 11, 2008

Grass is overrated.

I guess we haven't had enough pain and suffering because we are giving the real estate market another go!
Yup. We're listing with our THIRD agent. Hopefully this guy has got the mojo to get it done. We are starting off with a bang - we dropped our listing price to $149,900. (Just to put it in perspective - we started out 2 years ago at $215,000.) I know it's a dramatic drop but we just want to get someone in there and get it off our hands. Its too stressful to try and keep up two old houses while we both have full time jobs. There are only so many hours in a day and we're not having fun anymore. The days of researching a project and looking for the best supplies have gone out the window because we are now limited to what's cheapest and what can we do in a limited time frame before we have to start work on something else that's broken.
So hopefully someone will fall in love with it soon and buy it! Pray for us!!

So this all went down on Tuesday - we met with the new agent, signed with the paperwork and then immediately went "Oh crap! We've got to get this house looking nice AGAIN because people will be coming through it." So we both drove off to work and then at 5pm drove back to Belmonte to do the yard. It wasn't too bad - just needed some sprucing up. I bought some annuals for the front, Dave loaded up the mower, and we were on our way.

Well...... I was on my way. Dave was stuck in lawnmower limbo.

He's got 2 mowers - the really old one, and the old one. One is newER than the other - but by no means is it NEW. So Tuesday night he brought the newER one to Belmonte to cut the grass. Only he couldn't get it started. Which is even more frustrating because he basically rebuilt the thing 2 weeks ago.
So here is the scene set for you - I'm in the front yard, digging and planting, digging and planting. Dave is in the garage - cussing up a storm and every now and then I see a wrench or a screwdriver come flying down the driveway.
And now it's getting late... and it's getting DARK. We are running out of time....
Dave gives up and gets the old mower. It starts up fine. HALLEJULIAH! He starts cutting the grass and PPFFFTT it dies right in the middle of the lawn.

It's out of gas.

I won't repeat the string of explatives but let's just say I'm glad that no kids or nuns were around to hear.

So we left the house with half of a manicured yard. What a way to start the week!

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Vicki said...

I'm crossing my fingers for a quick sale!