Monday, September 8, 2008


The race is officially "back on" to do more projects than we can A.) stand and 2.) afford.

We've got 3 out of town friends coming in October for a football game...... and also I may have inadvertently declared "I'll host Thanksgiving this year!" in a fleeting state of euphoria at a family gathering. (Side note - that euphoria is LONG gone, now that I realize I have no idea how to cook a turkey or how to seat 57 people at my dining room table.)

So one of the projects we are tackling first is getting the guest rooms "guest ready." They were always clean and able to host people - but we still have boxes and suitcases in the corners. So one of the first things I did was unpack. Seems simple enough eh? Let me tell you - I have no idea where to put this stuff - now that we've been living without it for a year. I guess these clothes/picture frames/snow globes really aren't my favorite things? Maybe I can live without?

In the guest room that holds the office we are going to put a HUGE shelf up way high on the wall - and that will become a display case for all of Dave's NASA collectibles. He's got quite the substantial collection so I am hopeful that it all fits!!!!
This wall is just screaming for a shelf, isn't it?

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